StaVin Incorporated
Type: Winery Supply
Location: Sausalito,CA
Oak for winemaking

McMinnville Gas Inc.
Location: McMinnville,Oregon

BSG Wine | Napa
Type: Winery Supply
Location: Napa,CA
Nutrient blends, filters, oak tannins, cellar chemicals, yeast, ML bacteria

IVIS -Innovative Vinology Information System-
Type: Computer Services / Consulting / Vineyard Service / Winery Services
Location: Lake Oswego,Oregon
Advanced vineyard & winery record keeping system. Tracks labs, weights, vessels, ferment control/cap management, blend plans, component reports...

Pihl Excavating
Type: Construction
Location: Banks,OR
Pihl Excavating is an Oregon based, earth-moving enterprise, dedicated to high quality workmanship. We offer prompt, cost effective excavation...

Oregon Translation
Location: Portland,OR

Hagan Hamilton Insurance Services
Type: Insurance
Location: McMinnville,OR
Property and Casualty, Business, Bonds, Workers Comp, Life and Health, Aflac, Disability, and Pension Plans

Scott Laboratories
Type: Winery Supply
Location: Petaluma,CA
Winery Equipment and Supplies: Laboratory Analysis

Banner Bank
Type: Financial Services
Location: Portland,OR
Northwest Bank Uniquely Qualified to Support the Wine Industry.

Brim Tractor Company
Type: Vineyard Supply
Location: Salem,OR
New Holland, Braud, Clemens, Vrisimo, Turbomist, Vineyard Tractors, Grape Harvesters, and Vineyard Equipment.JCB Construction Equipment.